The British Museum: How it came to be in 1753.

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Such a perfect way to spend the day! Visiting the British Museum in London! 🇬🇧

Did you know that the British Museum came to be on June 7th 1753 when an Act of Parliament established the British Museum after Sir Hans Sloane bequeathed over 71,000 books, manuscripts, artifacts and pieces of art that he had collected over his lifetime, to King George II for his people, in exchange for 20,000 for Sir Hans Sloane's heirs? It wasn't until January 15th, 1759 that the museum first opened it's doors to the public in the same building in which much of the collection still remains.

'British Museum, Great Russel Street.' was drawn by Thomas Hosmer Shepherd and engraved on steel, for Shepherd’s “Metropolitan Improvements; or London in the Nineteenth Century.” It was published by Jones & Co. of 3 Acton Place, Kingsland Road. This print measures 5 1/2 x 8 1/2 inches, June 28th, 1827. Oh to be carted around by horse and buggy...  🇬🇧🎩🐴 

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