Heraldry: A True Art Form

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This is the College of Arms or College of the Heralds 🛡 in London, founded by King Richard on March 2nd, 1484. The royal corporation holds jurisdiction over England, Wales, Northern Ireland and some other areas within the commonwealth. Heraldry is responsible for all aspects of armory (the designs, and displays used on armour, as well as the history behind it); vexillology (the uses, history and symbolism of flag bearing); as well as the study of rank, pedigree, genealogy, Royal licenses, and ceremony. The coat of arms is a heraldic design used on an escutcheon (shield). The main focus of heraldic achievement, is the shield, helmet, crest, heraldic banners, and motto. What's so interesting is that it wasn't until the use of helmets became popularized in the high Middle Ages that heraldry became a necessity, in order to identify one's commanders and partners on the field. Heraldry is still used by many organizations, cities, regions, people, etc. to symbolize their heritage in a beautiful way. We love the history behind this print! 👑🛡⚔️ This print is entitled 'Herald's College, Bennet's Hill', and was taken from Thomas Hosmer Shepherd's publication "Metropolitan Improvements; or London in the Nineteenth Century". It was drawn by Shepherd and engraved on steel by W. Wallis. It was published by Jones & Co. of Temple of the Muses, Finsbury Square, London on April 17th, 1830. So much important history here! To see more please visit our website. 💚🛡💛 #heraldry #heraldic #coatofarms #collegeofarms #bennetshill #architecture #buildingdesign #architectural #oldenglish #inspiration #walldecor #design #engraving #wallart #antiqueprints #vintage #arthistory #historybuff #elegance #timeless #architecturaldesign #artlovers #interiordesign #designdetails #london #england #history #battles #heraldicachievement #knights #armour

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