Gallery of Inspiration

Here we’ll showcase some of our prints in different places to give you an idea of how you can use your prints in your home, or office, etc.. The possibilities are endless! Original antique prints are such a great way to add charm and history to your home decor.  Most of the prints shown here are still available for sale so be sure to inquire within if you see anything you like!

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Bright and cheerful and clean! I love these small botanical prints because of their simplicity and thin lines. They’re so pretty!! We have wide selection from this same set available for sale. Let us know how we can help you mix and match for your space!

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I love the mix of old and new in this contemporary home. The simplicity of the native canoes surrounded by a clean white matting with a black border and black frame really ties in well with the clean and unique lines of this space; making it the focal point of the room. It’s a great way to showcase this important piece of history! Let us know how we can help you find the right print for your space; be it a home, office, building, you name it!
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Birdwatchers unite! We love the simplicity of this little black and white bird print. The clean lines of the frame draw the eye to the incredible detail of the engraving! What’s your favorite bird? We may just have one!  Don’t forget only 1/20th of our collection is on our website so don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.

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We’re seeing a popular trend of wrapping the frame rather than showing an exterior frame. What do you think?  It’s a fun way to juxtapose the original antique print with a very modern look, so long as it’s done very well. These prints are so delicate that you want to be sure not to damage them (other than the new creases they will have) in the process. If it’s a look you like, why not. If it means more beautiful pieces of history will be shown and loved, we say go for it! Frame it anyway you like! Art is meant to speak to the person who owns it. Make it your own!

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We just LOVE this little print! He’s so cute! This print is an original from the late 1700s! It just goes to show how long polar bears have been adored. Knowing that the polar bear population is slowly diminishing just breaks our hearts! So we’d like to draw a little attention to them with this gorgeous print.

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Keep an eye on the water from the comfort of your home with these amazing prints of ships on the water. These incredibly detailed prints are available for sale! Let us know how we can help you find the perfect prints for your space. 
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How cozy is this little breakfast area!? We love the natural feel of this kitchen and who doesn’t want to look at some cute little birdies while enjoying their morning coffee. Come and see this gorgeous print and many others online, or contact us for more information!
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Hello from this little fellow! The lines and detail of this bird are incredible, and the colour is beautifully rich. This birdie comes from a much larger set, but we liked him on his own right here in a simple natural wooden frame. He has lots of friends he’d be happy to adorn a beautiful wall with, however. Contact us for more information! 

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Do you have someone in the military in your life? We have a wide selection of military prints available. I love how proud these gentlemen are! Here they’re sitting on a desk, looking very patriotic. Come and see these prints online or contact us if you are looking for more!
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These pretty little flowers are so fresh in simple white matings and frames. They could be perfect in a kitchen, sitting room, powder room, bedroom... anywhere! Old prints are very traditional, but with fresh framing, they can suit a variety of styles. These could look lovely in a shabby chic cottage, or a southern styled home, even a NYC apartment; the possibilities are endless.. There are lots in this set so come and have a look, or contact us for more information. 

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These playful black and white prints look great in this modern space. Repeating the grey in the frames, with the simple touch of pink is very effective here, or so we think.. what are your thoughts? These fun prints are available on our website. Or, contact us for more information!

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This great little print shows how natives courted one another in the 1850’s! Playing music for their loved ones.. awww! I guess not much has changed in the past 170 years. We’re showing this print framed in a gorgeous deep blue to accentuate the colors in the print, which are amazing! They have held their color so well since they were originally printed.  This and several others from this series are still available for sale. Contact us for more information!
How amazing do these dog prints look framed? We love the grey frames to match the walls! We’d love to know your thoughts.. Do you like the dark frames? Or would you go lighter? These fellas are still for sale so contact us for more information, or visit our website where you can see these and lots of other regal pups!

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These two city plans of Goderich and Guelph in Ontario from the 1820’s make a great pair! We chose to show them with white mating and simple black frames so the lines of the map really pop, but they could be framed in any number of ways to match your decor.  Where would you use them? We think they would look awesome in an office space. They’re still available!

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We love the look of this print (featuring the topographic side view of mountains), being wrapped around the edges of it’s ‘frame’, forming it’s own frame. Without a traditional frame, you really focus on the apparent simplicity of the print, which draws your eye in further. In other words it looks cool from afar and even cooler up close! 

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These gorgeous prints of India are a perfect addition to any space.  Here they add a great pop of color to an already playful yet clean space.  The simple white frames really help to draw the eye directly to the art within, which is so intricate when you see it up close. It’s amazing! 

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This calm and inviting space is enhanced by the natural beauty of the simplistic print in the deep grey frame; which pairs beautifully with the sofa and knobs on the end table. This elegant print could be placed anywhere to enliven the space with calming grace.

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These awesome bird prints are such a great set. The three white birds with white matting and frames make the room so calm and inviting, yet fun and playful at the same time. With the neutral decor, they become the focal point of the room.