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Victoria Cooper Antique Prints was founded in May of 2010, in Montreal, Canada, through the acquisition of a private collection of antique prints, maps and books, along with prints, maps and books found during Ms. Cooper’s travels around the world. Many of the prints are individual, where as many are sourced from the same publication. The variety of subject matter ranges from Battles to Botanicals, African Genre Scenes to Arctic Scenery, World Maps to Wildlife, Sheet music to Ornithology, and much more. We are constantly adding to our collection; expanding all areas of interest.

Ms. Cooper began her work in a more modern and contemporary art setting after studying art in Virginia, Los Angeles, London, Rome, New York, Paris, Dubai, and Montreal. She found her way into the antique world through her genuine passion for beautiful antiques and paperworks and thus embarked on her journey here within. With a natural eye for design, Ms. Cooper enjoys working with collectors, designers, enthusiasts, and newcomers, alike; to bring her clients the most individually powerful pieces to adorn their walls, so as to be loved and cherished by many.

Victoria Cooper Antique Prints has grown into a small family business. With no storefront, our online shop offers only a small selection of our actual collection. We are adding to it weekly as we sort through the collection ourselves. New treasures are being discovered daily and we look forward to bringing them all to you as we can.  

Each print, book, or map in the collection is guaranteed to be an authentic piece, with the majority being guaranteed antique (over 100 years old); the exceptions being the Group of Seven prints dating to the 1930s, as well as a handful of others.


For any questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to contact us.  Have a wonderful day!

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“What I love most about antique prints, is that they teach us so much about all aspects of history in a truly beautiful way. They have the ability to bring us back to a more simple time, and we are given a glimpse into what people of the time believed to be so important that they recorded it in books, and hung them on their walls, as art. Not only are antiques beautiful artwork, they are amazing conversation pieces. They allow people to talk about aspects of history that they may otherwise have forgotten. An old print displaying what a special area, to you, used to look like, is always fun to see. It helps us to appreciate how far mankind has come in all aspects of life, while still appreciating our past.”  - Victoria Cooper