A New Map of the only useful and frequented part of New Found Land. By Thos. Kitchin Geogr. (S3-48a)


A New Map of the only useful and frequented part of New Found Land. By Thos. Kitchin Geogr.
Upper Center: For the London Mag.
Source / Publication: London Magazine
Place of Publication: London
Date: 1762
Artist: Thomas Kitchin
Paper Dimensions: 8 1/8 x 10 1/2 inches.
Platemark Dimensions: 7 3/8 x 10 inches.
Medium: Copperplate engraving
Language: English
Coloured: Black and white
Condition: The print is in great condition with very minor crease marks, as well as some minor damage around the edges of the print, particularly on the left side of the print, as can be seen.
Keywords: Map, Maps, Mapping, gulf, Gulf of St. Lawrence, St. Lawrence, New Foundland, Newfoundland, Ferrol Point, Burnt Island, Isle St. Jean, Island of St. John, St. Johns, Island, Cape rich, Point Rich, Old Port Choice, Beaver River, Deadman Bay, Three Isles, Bay of Isles, Port Harbour, St. George, Isle St. George, St. George's Bay, Cape Anguilla, Eel Bay, Ring Bay, Cape Raye, Wild Geese Island, Bargaus, Islands, Otter Bay, Swift Harbour, White Bear Bay, Old Mans Bay, Bay of Heats, Forked Harbour, Ramaus, Faltt Island, Callier Bay, Lahune Point, Penguin Island, Lahune Harbour, Long Island, Despair Harbour, Bay of Despair, Conega, Sacona, Cape Micklon, Micklon, Widows Bank, Point Harus, Bay of Fortune, Fortune, Brunett Island, St. Peters Island, Carron Point, Carron, Maligan, Point, Bay, Lane, Cape Red Cap, St. Lawrence Bay, Red Harbour, Paradice Harbour, Cape Judas, Burin Islands, Bay of Placentia, Savage Island, Red Island, Argent Bay, Green Point, Virgins Rocks, Cape St. Mary, Bull & Cow, Fox Island, Ship Harbour, Placentina, St. Mary's, Cape Pine, Cape Monglog, Trepassey Bay, Mistake Point, Gripple Cove, Biscay Bay, Cape Race, Cape Ballard, Renous Rocks, Bear Cove, Crow Island, Cape Broyle, Goose Island, Whale Point, Bay of Bulls, Holy Road, Conception Bay, Main Harbour, Salmon Cove, Roberts Bay, Havre de Grace, Carboniere, North Cove, Belle Island, Cape Spear, Cuckolds Point, Red Head, Tor. Bay, Cape St. Francis, Black Head, Tickle Harbour, Trinity Bay, Point William, Flamborough, Split Point, Bacalao Island, Cape Break, Scilly Cove, Scurvy Island, Randon, Smith's Sound, Gorlet Point, Irelands eyes, Cape Bonaventura, Robin Hood's Bay, Green Bay, Saints cove, Salmon Point, Trinity, Ragged Harbour, New Cape, Catalina Bay, Birds Island, Cape Lorian, Point St. Giles, Cape Bonavitta, Cork bay, Fog Bay, Fog Island, Penguin Island, Lady's Bay, La Saye, Cape St. John, Isle St. Barb, La fleur de Lys, White bay, Cape Den, Machigonis River, Orange, Pincet, Argent Cape, Degrat de Cheval, Goboso Bay, Canary, Cape Lart, Belle Isle, Inland, Inland parts, Brion Island, Bird Islands, Isle Rainé, Entry Island, Madelaine Isles, Isle St. Paul, Cape St. Lawrence, Linbach Island, North Cove, Achepe Harbour, Niganiche, Port Dauphin, Basque Bay, Seal Islands, Cape Breton, Isle of Cape Breton, Cape Breton Islands, St. Peter's Bank, Bank of New Foundland, Thomas Kitchin, Kitchin, London, London Magazine, Mag., Chart, Charting, 1762
Price: US$150
Identification Number: S3-48a

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