Ancient Africa. (S3-78)


Ancient Africa.
Lower Left: London Pubd. As the Act directs August 4th 1798, by J. Wilkes. Lower Right: Neele sculpt. 332 Strand.
Publisher: J. Wilkes
Place of Publication: London
Date: August 4th, 1798
Engraver: Neele
Paper Dimensions: 10 3/4 x 8 1/8 inches.
Platemark Dimensions: 9 3/4 x 7 7/8 inches.
Medium: Copper Engraving
Language: English
Coloured: Black and white
Condition: The map is in great condition with the exception of some wear around the edges, including three small tears into the bottom of the map, as can be seen.
Keywords: Ethiopia, Ethiopia Inferior, Ethiopicus Oceanus, Ethiopian Ocean, Tropic of Capricorn, Africa, Africa Interior, Asia, Asie Pars, Arabia, Egypt, Libya, Garam Antes, Nubae, Cinnamomifera Regio, Barbaria Azanea, Sinus Barbaricus, Mare Prasodis, Dabade, Euro-Hispania, Mare Mediteraneum, Mediterranean Sea, Asia Minor, Nigrite, Autololes, Getuli Dare, Mauritania, Getulia, Tingitana, Phasania, Libya Propria, Sicilia, Numidia, Trogloditica, Alexandria, Grecia, Greece, Menuthias Insula, Menuthias, Cesariensis, Agizymba, Fortunate Island, Continent of Africa, African Continent, Ancient Africa, Ancient depiction, Map, Ancient Map, Maps, Mapping, Chart, Charts, Charting, London, 1798, Wilkes, Neele, Strand, Meridian of London, Tropicus Capricorni,
Price: US$325
Identification Number: S3-78

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