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Victoria Cooper Antique Prints

Asien. (B7-1)

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Lower Left: 1849. Lower Right: Stahlstich v. Carl Mayer's Kunst-Anstalt in Nürnberg. 25.
Publisher: Carl Mayer's Kunst-Anstalt (Carl Mayer's Art Institute)
Place of Publication: Nuremberg, Germany
Date: 1849
Page Number: 25
Paper Dimensions: 10 3/8 x 8 inches.
Medium: Steel Engraving
Language: German
Coloured: Black and White with some minor colouring.
Condition: The print is in great condition, with a tear on the bottom left as well as two very small, clean tares on the top right.
Keywords: Asian, Asia, Animals, Wildlife, Poachers, Hunters, Hunting, Poaching, riding an elephant, Elephant, Antelope, Gazelles, Cheetahs, Bulls, Horses, Horseback, Dogs,
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Identification Number: B7-1