British Possessions in North America. (S3-38)


British Possessions in North America.
Lower Left: Alexr. Macpherson Del. Lower Center: Published May 1st 1821 by Sherwood Neely & Jones Paternoster Row, London. Lower Right: Cooper Sculp.
Publisher: Sherwood Neely & Jones
Place of Publication: Paternoster Row, London
Date: May 1st, 1821
Artist: Alexander Macpherson
Engraver: Cooper
Paper Dimensions: 8 x 10 5/8 inches.
Medium: engraving
Language: English
Coloured: Coloured
Condition: The print is in excellent condition.
Keywords: British, Possession, North America, Greenland, Hudson's Bay, Labrador, Baffins Bay, Davis Strait, Nena Wewhch Indians, Copper Indians, Dog Ribbed Indians, Mountain Indians, Strongrow Indians, Fall Indians, Cattanahowes, Knistineaux, New South Wales, New North Wales, Lower Canada, Upper Canada, Great Lakes, East Main, New Brunswick, Newfoundland, Stony Mountains, maps, map,
Price: US$160
Identification Number: S3-38

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