Hindoo Devotees, of the Gosannee & Jetty Tribes. (B5-437)


Hindoo Devotees, of the Gosannee & Jetty Tribes.
Lower Center: Engraved by J. Shury. Published by White, Cochrane & Co. Fleet Street, June 1st, 1812. Lower Right: Jam. Forbes, Dhuboy, 1780. Top Right: 73.
Author: James Forbes, F.R.S.. & c. (1749-1819)
Source / Publication: Oriental Memoirs: Selected and Abridged from a Series of Familiar Letters Written during Seventeen Years Residence in India: Including Observations on Parts of Africa and South America, and a Narrative of Occurrences in Four India Voyages. Illustrated by engravings from original drawings. In Four Volumes.
Publisher: White, Cochrane & Co.
Place of Publication: Horace's Head, Fleet Street, London
Date: 1813
Date (Printed): June 1st, 1812
Date (Depicted): 1780
Page Number: 73
Artist: James Forbes (1749-1819)
Engraver: J. Shury
Printer: T. Bensley, Bolt Court. (printed for the author)
Paper Dimensions: 12 3/8 x 9 1/4 inches.
Medium: Steel engraving
Language: English
Coloured: Blue colour only
Condition: The print is in excellent condition with very minimal wear around the edges, mostly along the bottom, as can be seen.
Keywords: Hindoo, Hindu, Hindoo Devotees, Hindu Devotee, Devotees, Gosannee, Gosannee Tribe, Jetty, Jetty Tribe, Tribe, Native, Natives, Walking stick, bird cage, conversing, temple, India, Indian, scenery, James Forbes, Forbes, Oriental Memoirs, Oriental, Memoirs, Seventeen Years Residence in India, White, Cochrane & Co., Horace’s Head, Fleet Street, London, 1813, 1812, 1780, Shury, Bensley, Bolt Court, Steel engraving,
Price: US$120
Identification Number: B5-437

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