Pl. LIV. (Trumpeter Swan. (Cygnus buccinator.)) (B7-D-131)


Pl. LIV. (Trumpeter Swan. (Cygnus buccinator.))
Author: Jacob Henry Studer (Columbus, OH - 1840-1904)
Source / Publication: Birds of North America.
Publisher: Published under the auspices of the Natural Science Association of America by Jacob Henry Studer.
Place of Publication: New York
Date: 1888
Plate Number: 54
Artist: Theodore Jasper
Paper Dimensions: 14 3/8 x 10 5/8 inches.
Platemark Dimensions: 12 1/4 x 8 3/4 inches.
Medium: Chromolithograph
Language: English
Coloured: Coloured
Condition: The print is in great condition with some wear around the edges, as can be seen.
Keywords: Bird, Birds, Ornithology, Trumpeter Swan, Cygnus buccinator, Trumpeter, Swan, Cygnus, Buccinator, White Birds, Bird Prints, American Birds, Studer, Birds of North America, Jacob Henry Studer, 1888,
Price: US$160
Identification Number: B7-D-131

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